4 Tips For Staying Safe On Your Motorcycle

The Insurance Information Institute states that motorcyclists were 27 times more likely to die in crashes than passenger car vehicles per every mile traveled in 2017, so it is essential that you take steps to stay safe when you travel on your motorcycle. Compared with four-wheel vehicles, you are less visible to other people on the road when riding your motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle also requires using a different set of mental and physical skills than you use when you drive a passenger car. Additionally, when you ride your motorcycle, you are more vulnerable to road conditions and weather hazards than within an enclosed vehicle.

  1. Dress for safety

You are less likely to sustain a serious head injury in a motorcycle accident if you wear a helmet. In addition to always wearing a helmet, you should wear gloves, leather clothing, boots with nonskid soles and other clothing that will protect your body from injury if you fall or get in a crash. You may also want to add reflective tape to your riding clothing so other drivers have an easier time seeing you on your motorcycle.

  1. Drive defensively

Signal well in advance when you change your direction, stay out of the blind spots of other drivers, always ride with your headlights on and watch for turning vehicles when you go out on your motorcycle. Never assume that other drivers can see you, especially when you make a turn, change lanes or move into an intersection.

  1. Follow the rules of the road

Educate yourself on the traffic laws and rules of the road before you ride your motorcycle. Always obey the speed limit and follow any other posted warnings.

  1. Continue your riding education

Sharpening your motorcycle riding skills can help you become safer on the road. Try completing a formal riding education program or enrolling in skills-based riding courses on a periodic basis.


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