Can Brain Injuries Affect Your Personality?

South Carolina residents who suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often face a long road to recovery. Many people discuss the physical issues brain injuries cause. Talk of memory problems is not uncommon either. But what about personality changes?

Depending on the injured area of the brain, personality changes are a plausible result of a TBI. For example, victims who hurt their frontal lobe often suffer from lowered inhibitions. Why? Because the frontal lobe controls impulses. If damaged, a person often loses some of their ability to avoid making rash decisions.

Many victims find themselves experiencing increased agitation and anger as well. In addition, they are more likely to lash out at others even if they did not do this before the injury. This is often a result of a lack of inhibition combined with poor coping skills. No matter how good a person was at coping before a TBI, the injury affects this ability.

TBI victims do not “become more violent” because of their brain injuries. They often lack in the ability other people have to hold themselves back, read situations and control their emotions. Unfortunately, this can result in a victim who is more volatile than their loved ones expect. It is more important now than ever to support your loved one as they recover.

Are you interested in learning more about brain injuries and the relationship to personality? You can click the link here, if so. It will take you to our web page on personal injury. There, you can read more about how brain injuries affect all aspects of a victim’s life.

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