Car Accident Witnesses: Why Are They Important?

Car accident cases can be difficult when you are trying to prove what happened. Oftentimes, it comes down to your word against the other drivers. Your insurance company may not be willing to fight for you when determining which driver was responsible for the crash. Many injured drivers find themselves on their own in proving fault.

The other driver is clearly not going to admit that they were at fault. Doing so could cost them money in the form of higher insurance premiums and liability if the damage is greater than the insurance coverage. This is why you need evidence to back up your account of the crash. Pictures of the crash scene can be helpful, but they do not tell the entire story. Further, it is not always easy to get evidence from the scene when you are dealing with your own injuries. It is unrealistic to expect you to investigate and prove your own case.

This Is a Direct Account of What Happened

Witness statements are perhaps the most valuable tool that you have in your arsenal when trying to prove fault. You do not have to piece together anything from pictures or the damage to the cars or even reconstruct the accident. There is no need because someone saw it, and they are willing to make a statement or testify about what they saw. This is even more helpful when it is an objective third party who has no financial or other interest in the case. 

Witnesses help the most when they give a statement right after the accident. Human memory tends to fade over time, and witnesses to an accident are no different. When they get their story out shortly after the accident, their recollections are the sharpest. Their statements and testimony can help in the following stages:

  • When the insurance companies are trying to figure out liability
  • If you file a lawsuit, their deposition can show the other side that you have a case
  • The witnesses can testify if your case goes to trial

This is the strongest type of evidence that you can have outside the other driver explicitly saying that they did something wrong. If there are one or more witnesses with credible stories, it increases the chance that you will get a quicker settlement. The best type of witness statement that you can possibly get is one from the other driver in which they make a damaging admission. 

You need to hire a lawyer right after your accident to begin to get the witness statements that you need. The average person does not know how to take or use witness statements. An attorney can begin working while the witnesses’ recollections are still fresh. 

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