Rules of Defensive Driving in Myrtle Beach, SC

Rules of Defensive Driving in Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Myrtle Beach car accident lawyers can vouch for the importance of defensive driving. No matter where you turn, you always hear experts telling you to drive defensively. You may even feel that the term has lost some of its significance because it is used so often.

Nonetheless, when you understand exactly what defensive driving is, you will understand its critical importance. Defensive driving is not just one thing – it is actually a series of rules that you need to follow to do your part in staying safe on the road.

Defensive Driving Techniques While in Myrtle Beach

Be alert at all times

Driving defensively means that you need to be alert to what other drivers may do and respond to them at a moment’s notice. You should constantly be scanning the road for potential dangers to anticipate them. You cannot see hazards early enough to do anything about them if you do not have your eyes on the road yourself. Therefore, you should keep your phone away and always be looking around for possible problems.

Anticipate potential dangers

You should also plan ahead, both when you start a drive and when you are behind the wheel. Certain areas on the road may have more danger. For example, if you are going through a work zone on the highway, you should expect that other cars may not slow down. If you are on a long isolated stretch of the highway, you should anticipate that others may be driving recklessly. Defensive driving is not just about looking around, but it is also about knowing where to look and when.

Give yourself extra time to get there

Defensive driving is every bit as much about attitude as it is about actions. You should adopt the mentality that you are not in a hurry to reach your destination. If it takes a few extra minutes to arrive, it is always better to make that sacrifice in the name of safety. Once you adopt an impatient mindset, you may end up going on the offensive yourself and driving carelessly or recklessly.

Part of defensive driving is about seeing the big picture. It is not just about the clock or being first in a lane or intersection. You want to get there alive and adopt a safety-first mindset to do so.

Always have an escape plan

Part of your scanning the roadway should involve looking around to see where you have a potential out if you run into danger. Even though you cannot anticipate every danger at every second, you must have a general idea of what you may do if certain situations arise.

For example, if you are alongside a large truck on the highway, you should briefly check the lane next to you to see if you can change lanes quickly if the truck starts to cut into your space. This knowledge can spare you from serious injury.

Maintain a proper following distance

The driver who strikes the front car is almost always going to be the one who is responsible for the car accident. Although you can sue the front car driver for stopping short in front of you, it is a very difficult case to win.

To not be at increased risk of a rear-end car crash, you should allow for a safe following distance between the car in front of you. Then, you have a little bit of extra time to stop if the driver in front of you makes their own mistake.

Account for the road and driving conditions

Driving conditions are not always ideal. You might be in a high-traffic area where other drivers may be reckless and stressed. You may be out driving in a rainstorm, where there is standing water on the road, making it far more dangerous.

To arrive safely, you should adjust both your expectations and your actions for the conditions. There are times when you need to go slower to be safer, even if you are traveling below the speed limit. Remember that the speed limit is the maximum speed. You can drive under the speed limit if there is increased danger.

Although you cannot control what others do, you can do everything within your own power to reach your destination safely. If you have been driving reasonably and you have suffered an injury by someone else’s carelessness, you can recover financial compensation in a claim or lawsuit.

However, the insurance company may try to point the finger at you if they think that you did something wrong yourself. If they are successful, you can get less money or no money at all. Your personal injury attorney may need to argue why you did not do anything wrong yourself under the circumstances.

Contact a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

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Car Accident FAQs

How long do I have to file a South Carolina car accident lawsuit?

You have three years after the date of an injury (or when you should have known that you suffered an injury) to file a personal injury lawsuit. There are very few exceptions to the statute of limitations, so you should keep an eye on the clock.

What should I do after a car accident?

You should see a doctor to get medical help for your injuries and contact an experienced lawyer to begin the legal process.

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