Do Infotainment Systems In Vehicles Prevent Car Accidents?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Technological advancements have even reached motor vehicles, as many newer models boast “infotainment systems” that are placed directly into the console of the automobile. Some of these systems are designed by the manufacturer of the vehicle, while others run on software installed in the motorist’s smartphone. Either way, these systems allowing motorists in South Carolina and across the nation to do many activities behind the wheel without necessarily having to reach for their cellphone.

While technology has made many aspects of our lives better, many people recognize that using a cellphone while driving is a serious distraction that can lead to car accidents. However, do infotainment systems increase driver safety? One study from the University of Utah suggests not.

In the study, 64 participants drove five different automobiles with infotainment systems. Researchers found that these systems may demand too much from a motorist, when the motorist should be focused on the task of driving. While the systems using smartphone software were reportedly better at helping motorists manage their cognitive load than systems designed by manufacturers, both of these systems still demanded high levels of attention from motorists.

Distracted driving comes in many forms. For example, a person making a phone call, sending a text message or email, tuning the radio or following navigation directions can be distracted from the task of driving. Any of these activities can take a motorist’s attention off the road, leading that motorist to cause a car crash.

When motorists are struck by a distracted driver, they may experience significant damages. Due to their injuries they may incur hefty medical bills, be unable to work and they could experience great pain and suffering, along with emotional distress. Therefore, those injured in distracted driving accidents may want to determine if they can hold the distracted driver accountable via a personal injury lawsuit.

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