How Many Older Adults Are Killed In Traffic Crashes?

Older adults face many different health concerns, but if you are an older adult and you drive or spend a lot of time on the road, it is imperative to understand the risk of a fatal crash. Sadly, many families struggle with permanent emotional trauma and financial hardships after losing a loved one in an accident. Moreover, older adults are especially vulnerable when it comes to the impact of traffic crash injuries.

From drunk driving to speeding, phone use, fatigue and poor weather, these wrecks keep happening for a host of reasons. When they occur as a result of a driver’s careless behavior, the responsible party should answer for their actions in court.

Looking at statistics on older adults and fatal crashes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical changes associated with aging can increase the odds of an older adult sustaining a serious injury in a car crash. Moreover, some older adults are more likely to pass away due to injuries sustained in a collision. In fact, roughly 7,400 older adults died in the U.S. due to traffic crashes over the course of 2016. Moreover, over 290,000 older adults needed emergency care due to car crash injuries in 2016.

Looking at the recovery process for older accident victims and their families

Recovering from a wreck is tough for anyone, but older adults often have an especially difficult time moving forward after a motor vehicle wreck. For example, some are unable to take care of themselves and some pass away as a result of their injuries or complications associated with an injury. Whether you are struggling to move forward after a crash or you lost a close family member in a wreck caused by a negligent driver, it is pivotal to explore your legal options.

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