How Much Money Can You Get From Getting Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian?

Being hit by a car is a truly unfortunate experience that is very likely to cause injury. If you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian in Myrtle Beach, a pedestrian accident attorney like Maguire Law Firm can help. Read on to learn what you might be able to recover following your accident.

A Consideration of Fault Is Important to Determine Your Damages

The party at-fault within the context of an accident is generally responsible for the damages, although determining exactly who is at fault and by what proportion can be difficult. South Carolina follows the Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act, which determines how liability is allocated in an accident in which more than one party might be at fault. Within the context of being hit by a car as a pedestrian, your actions will impact whether you might be considered to be partially at fault. What follows is a brief explanation of how, as a pedestrian, you can mitigate any fault in an accident, which can better inform your understanding of the accident you are looking for legal representation on.

Exercise Safety as a Pedestrian to Minimize Your Fault

Knowing how to properly be a pedestrian can make all the difference in terms of whether you might be partially at fault for an accident. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, there are ten basics to walking safely. The first of these is to be predictable, which means following the rules of the road and obeying signs and signals. Make sure to be alert when walking and use sidewalks whenever possible. When a crosswalk is not present, try and cross in a well-lit and open space so that any oncoming traffic would be able to clearly see you.

If you have exercised basic pedestrian safety, it is likely that being struck by a motor vehicle is not your fault, and you may be entitled to damages. Even if you may be partially at fault for the pedestrian accident, you may still be able to recover for damages with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

An Attorney Experienced in Traffic Injuries Can Help So Contact Us Now!

A personal injury attorney with pedestrian accident experience will be best prepared to achieve success in your case. To learn more, contact us today for a better understanding of pedestrian accidents and how to maximize your damages.


How can I minimize my risk of being hit?

Obey traffic signs and signals, and stay on the sidewalk when possible, and keep in mind that drivers must also obey traffic signs, signals, and laws.

When are pedestrians at fault for being hit?

Generally, even if you are engaging in fault-based activity like jaywalking, motor vehicle drivers are still responsible for driving cautiously, and this may not totally bar your recovery.

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