How to Handle the First Settlement Offer From a Car Accident

When you’ve been in an accident, you may be in a rush to get everything settled and handled so that you can get on with your life. This desire is very understandable, but without the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney like Maguire Law Firm, you could rush into a settlement that is significantly lower than what you truly deserve.

Initial Settlement Offers Are Generally the First Step in the Process

The initial settlement offer that you receive from your car accident may arrive faster than you’d expected, and perhaps before you’ve had the time to fully assess and digest the accident itself. The purpose of this speed is to encourage you to settle quickly. The faster a settlement is realized, the sooner the insurance companies and other involved parties can get on with their work elsewhere. If speed is your preference, the first settlement offer might seem highly appealing. However, it can also be far lower than you’d ultimately achieve through further negotiation or trial.

Consider Carefully the Source of the Settlement Offer

When you’ve been through a car accident, it is necessary to assess your damages on the scene and also thereafter. As reported by KTAR News, some injuries that result from an accident are latent and can take time to develop and to have an impact upon your day-to-day life. If you accept a settlement immediately, before allowing your body a chance to fully heal to determine if there are any lingering injuries, you may be accepting a settlement that fails to cover the significant damages you have experienced. Back injuries, nerve damage, and other injuries take time to manifest, so it is generally not in your best interests to rush towards a settlement offer.

Meet With an Attorney Now to Help on Your Case!

Knowing whether the initial settlement offer is fair and comprehensive or a quick attempt at getting you to sign off on the car accident can be difficult. For the advice of an experienced attorney who can help, schedule a meeting today to Hire Maguire!


Is the first settlement the top offer I’ll get?

Often the initial offer is quickly computed and meant to be just enough to get you to settle.

Who is the insurance company advocating for in my settlement?

It is advocating for the interests of the insurance company and its shareholders.

If the first settlement is too low, do I have to go to court to challenge it?

You can negotiate a settlement that you feel is more reasonable, although an experienced attorney who knows the norms is your best bet at your maximum settlement.

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