What Are South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you or a loved one have been injured at work, you likely have many questions and are wondering what you are going to do. Workers’ compensation benefits may help answer those questions and concerns.

Benefits available through workers’ compensation are an important option in South Carolina for injured workers to be familiar with that can help them with the path ahead following a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are a form of insurance coverage carried by employers that injured workers can access when they have been harmed on the job. In most cases, employers with 4 or greater employees are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage in South Carolina.

Both workplace injuries and illnesses may be covered, however, some categories of work and some illnesses may be excluded from coverage so it is important for workers in South Carolina to be familiar with what those are. Workers’ compensation benefits available in South Carolina include benefits for medical care and treatment, lost wages, permanent disfigurement and vocational rehabilitation.

Because there are limits to the categories of benefits the injured worker may receive and a process for when disputes arise, injured workers in South Carolina should be as familiar as possible with their workers’ compensation rights and options. Knowing how to assert those rights after a worker has been injured can be tremendously important for them and for their families. To ensure the greatest amount of coverage possible, injured workers and their families should understand all of the benefits available and how they apply to their situation and circumstances.

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