What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Whether you receive workers’ compensation benefits and how much you get makes a critical difference during a stressful time for you and your family. However, the insurance company can make it difficult for you since they have a say in the process. Oftentimes, you need an attorney on your side to fight for you, especially when your initial claim is denied. 

Your workers’ compensation claim is sometimes not as easy as filing it and getting your money. There is usually some give-and-take with the insurance company. Workers’ compensation claims are often the subject of negotiations. Many people do not even know that they can negotiate the claim. They think that they have to take what they are offered. Your workers’ compensation lawyer knows the ropes and how to handle the insurance. These companies have their own time-honored tricks that a claimant does not understand. 

Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Is Here to Fight for You

The biggest benefit of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is that they can fight for you if your claim is denied. For whatever reason, the insurance company may deny your initial claim. They may claim inadequate documentation or that your injury was not work-related. Your claim could be missing some key paperwork or did not meet the requirements. Regardless, you will need to go through an administrative appeal process. Many claims are granted once the claimant files an appeal because the lawyer could help strengthen the case. 

You may need to take certain steps to strengthen your case on the appeal process. This could mean additional documentation or trips to certain doctors. Your attorney could help you understand the reason for the denial and work with you to build a better claim. Even if you do not win your first appeal, you could have a stronger chance in court. 

If you are unsuccessful in the administrative process, you would need to go to court. This is where you really need an experienced advocate. It can make the difference between getting the benefits you need or coming away empty-handed. If the insurance company wants to fight all the way to court, chances are that they will vigorously contest your claim, so you need firepower of your own.

In addition, your workers’ compensation agreement could affect your entitlement to other benefits. The wording of the agreement is very important. There are hidden clauses to some agreements that could cost you money, especially if you are getting Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. An attorney would review the agreement to make sure that you are not falling into any traps. Even a word or two here and there could come back to bite you elsewhere and cost you money.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Helping Injured Clients

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