What Are the Most Common Workers Compensation Injuries?

The good news about the workers’ compensation system is that it does not care about who is at fault for your injury. If you have suffered a work-related injury, you are entitled to compensation. The range of work-related injuries can be broad, and they can include either an accident that you suffer on the job or an illness. 


Slip and falls accidents are one of the most common work injuries. Workplaces can be dangerous with clutter in the aisles and slippery things on the floor. Construction workers are often the most at risk from these injuries. These can result in lasting damage such as traumatic brain injuries or permanent issues with the neck or back.

Repetitive Use Injuries

Workers should take frequent breaks on the job to avoid repetitive use injuries. That does not always happen. Employees can suffer injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, or tennis elbow. These can develop over the years based on repeated and extensive use, so you will need a good medical diagnosis to tie your injury to your work duties.


These usually happen when a hard object makes contact with the body. This could happen in a collision or when something falls. This could range from a deep bruise to more serious organ damage that could be permanent.  Injured workers should be careful and get prompt treatment for a bad contusion because it could involve internal bleeding and organ damage.

Toxic Exposure

Workplaces could have chemicals and fumes that employees breathe in on a daily basis. Prolonged exposure could make them sick for the long term. Injured workers could get compensation for a work-related illness when it results from chemical exposure. This often happens in factories and even at construction sites where there have been environmental issues. 

Back and Neck Injuries

When workers do physical labor, they are at increased risk of neck and back injuries. They could end up suffering a strain when they lift or pull some weight. Awkward movements could put the muscles under stress, and it could result in a permanent injury. Back injuries are often difficult to tie to the job because the insurance company may argue that you were injured elsewhere. These types of claims will often depend on the doctor’s diagnosis.


Falls and impacts with equipment can also break bones. In some cases, these could be severe breaks that require surgery. This could mean high medical bills and extensive time missed from work as the worker recovers. If the fracture is bad enough, and the employee has a physical job, they may not be able to work again.

Experienced Myrtle Beach Workers Compensation Attorneys

These injuries may allow you to receive workers’ compensation benefits or a settlement. First, you must file a claim in the required amount of time and follow all the rules of the process. We can help. Call the Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation lawyers at The Maguire Firm at (843) 438-5561 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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