What Should You Do If You Are Injured at Work by Another Employee?

Being injured on the job is an unfortunate experience, and it can be particularly upsetting if the injury occurred as a result of a coworker’s actions. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Maguire Law Firm has worked on many workplace injury cases and understands how to determine who is at fault and how to best collect on your damages.

Both Coworkers and Your Employer Are Responsible With Being Safe on the Job

Being injured on the job can be a particularly upsetting experience, as being at work is generally not everyone’s favorite place to be, and experiencing injury while there makes it all the less palatable. If your coworker seems to have caused the injury, remember that your collective employer also has a responsibility to maintain the safety of your workplace. Under the “final rule” of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are responsible for the maintenance of a safe workplace and are obligated to proactively prevent injury and harm.

Make Sure to Consider that Multiple Parties May Be Liable for Your Damages

Even if it was the acts of a fellow employee that directly caused your injury, they might not necessarily be the only party to blame. Collecting all of your damages from a coworker who earns close to what you earn may seem difficult, and they simply may not have the resources to cover your damages. It is important that you look to the employer as well for liability, as under the South Carolina Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act, multiple parties that have wrongfully acted or been negligent may be liable for your damages, depending on how they contributed to the harm experienced.

A South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Can Advise You!

Being injured on the job is hard enough, and trying to collect from a coworker can be even more difficult. To have your case reviewed by an experienced workplace injury attorney who knows your options, contact us today!


If a coworker injured me, is my employer responsible?

The employer might be responsible if the injury happened on the job.

Who should I contact after I’ve been injured?

If you have been injured while working you should promptly notify your work supervisor and seek medical attention immediately as needed, and then reach out to an experienced workplace injury attorney to support your maximum outcome.

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