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Some of the most serious injuries that occur on the job are the result of construction site accidents. Construction sites can be dangerous places. Heavy equipment, extreme heights and other dangers can leave a victim with serious, life-changing injuries.

The Maguire Law Firm knows your rights and understands the workers’ compensation laws. We have an experienced team of workers’ compensation attorneys in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, area.

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What is a construction accident claim?

A construction accident claim is based on an on-the-job injury. Usually, the injured victim brings a workers’ compensation claim for medical care, lost income and other benefits. The victim may also have a third party legal claim. A construction accident claim is the process of the injured person receiving their compensation.

Causes of Injury to Construction Workers

Construction is one of the most hazardous jobs in the United States. One out of ten construction workers get hurt each year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction site falls are the single leading cause of accidents and fatalities in the construction industry. The leading causes of construction accidents are:

  • Falls from ladders, roofs or scaffolding, including scaffolding collapse
  • Construction zone and flag worker injuries
  • Electrocution from electrical mishaps
  • Heavy equipment accidents involving forklifts, cranes, bulldozers or backhoes
  • Accidents caused by defective tools

Construction sites are heavily regulated to ensure the safety of workers. State law requires employers to provide their employees with a safe and healthy work site, and one free of hazards that may cause injuries and illnesses to workers. The South Carolina OSHA office conducts inspections of businesses and construction areas to ensure compliance with the laws. Companies are provided with a safety checklist to ensure that the workers are properly protected.

Even all these efforts aren’t enough to prevent a high accident rate for workers. Accidents continue to happen, especially in the busy construction sites in the Myrtle Beach area.

The workers compensation system exists to give injured workers fast access to help when they are hurt on the job. You may receive benefits for medical care, lost income and more without having to prove fault on the part of your employer.

What compensation is available for construction accidents in Myrtle Beach?

Compensation for construction accidents in Myrtle Beach may include:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Ongoing medical care until you have reached maximum medical improvement
  • Replacement income
  • Temporary partial and total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial and total disability benefits
  • Death benefits

When a construction worker is seriously injured, the financial and emotional toll on the family can be devastating. The victim may not be able to work again, and the ability to pay medical and family bills can be overwhelming. Ideally, your claim can be resolved without the need for a hearing before a workers’ compensation commissioner, but should your case require a hearing, rest assured that we are your advocates against any injustices.

Construction accidents and third-party claims

When you’re hurt on the job as a construction worker, you may have a compensable workers’ compensation claim. You don’t have to prove that your employer did anything negligent that caused the accident. The system is meant to expedite the process to provide medical care and lost income. Even though the accident may be painful and life-changing, pain and suffering compensation is not available in a workers compensation claim.

However, it’s possible that another party besides your employer is at-fault. If this is the case, you may pursue a traditional personal injury claim in addition to the workers’ compensation claim. A contractor or subcontractor may have acted negligently. Heavy equipment may have been poorly designed. It may be possible to bring a personal injury claim against a party who caused the accident to occur. Pain and suffering may be available in this type of claim.

Parties that may be liable in a third-party construction accident claim are:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Vendors
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Public entities, including utility companies
  • Other motor vehicle operators (including members of the public driving through road construction zones)
  • Engineers and architects overseeing a project

If there is a possibility to bring both types of claims, it’s important to understand how each claim may impact the other. How you pursue each claim is important to make sure you don’t jeopardize your rights under either case. Our lawyers can evaluate your situation and pursue your rights through all channels and procedures.

Construction Accident Lawyers Near Myrtle Beach

Maguire Law Firm is dedicated to representing injured workers in Myrtle Beach and throughout South Carolina. If you are looking for experienced construction accident lawyers near you, we invite you to have a consultation with our legal team.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals and families. Don’t wonder if you’re doing the right thing after an accident. Let us help you get your case right the first time, working to maximize your compensation. It’s our goal to ensure that you receive all the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible. We also want you to understand the process and feel confident that you are being treated fairly by the legal system.

Do I have a construction accident claim?

Contact us for a free consultation. Learn if you have a construction accident claim and how we can help you pursue your rights.

If you have been seriously injured in a construction accident while on the job, we can protect your rights. We are motivated by sincere concern and compassion for all individuals who have suffered damages or injuries.

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