Ten Personal Injury Case Examples

When someone significantly injures you or a loved one, you may deserve compensation to get your and your family’s life back to normal. Each of these personal injury case examples merits the assistance of a compassionate and dependable lawyer. The Maguire Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC, have the experience to assist with all types of personal injury cases.

10 Examples of a Personal Injury Case

The following examples of personal injury cases are some of the most common, but have unique factors.

Car accidents

Despite how common car accident cases are, survivors might not be aware of certain elements that can help their personal injury cases. For example, the liable party could include more than the at-fault driver. If a malfunction contributed to the incident, vehicle manufacturers, engineers, a repair shop or even a dealership could bear fault.

Also, if poor road maintenance played a role, you might even have a case against the state or a municipality.

However, you have a shorter time to file a suit against a government entity, so you need to act quickly to get compensation.

Truck accidents

The concerns with car accidents also apply to personal injury case examples involving trucks. However, you could have the added burden of facing the legal team and insurer of a large trucking company. They will understand every tactic to reduce your claim.

Determining liability can become even more complex because you have to decide whether to file suit against the driver, the trucking company or a loading company. The regulations governing the trucking industry can also influence who is at fault, depending on who violated the rules. An attorney’s help can be invaluable in parsing these details.

Motorcycle accidents

All kinds of people enjoy riding motorcycles. Still, if you’re a rider who experienced an accident, you may face the prejudice of others viewing you as reckless or a risk-taker. Therefore, negotiating a settlement or trial award may require more effort. Also, people tend not to see motorcycles on the roads, so you might not have as many witnesses, requiring a thorough investigation to support your case.

Pedestrian accidents

If you suffer an accident as a pedestrian, the circumstances and severity of injuries in this personal injury case example can create a disadvantage. An unscrupulous driver might try to get away with a hit-and-run, as it’s difficult for an injured pedestrian to pursue.

Likewise, if you don’t own a vehicle and have car insurance, you might be unaware of the typical steps to take after the accident. Also, local statutes can vary regarding a pedestrian’s right of way, which you often need to prove to secure compensation for losses.

Bicycle accidents

Cycling can lead to even more serious wounds than pedestrian and auto accidents. The reason is vehicles tend to follow too closely and not show respect to riders.

You also have to determine whether the bike manufacturer or any of your safety gear failed you and contributed to the accident. As with pedestrian personal injury case examples, dealing with insurers can be challenging, as these companies may resist paying full damages. Remember that you can hire Maguire for help with cycling accidents.

Dog bites and animal attacks

Many South Carolina residents own pets. If you’re a dog bite or animal attack victim, you might not realize the state has strict liability laws that mean the owner must cover damages for a pet’s aggression, even if the animal had never attacked someone before.

Remember, too, that this law covers more than bites. An animal could merely knock you over or jump onto you, causing injury. Furthermore, a vicious attack can leave scarring and disfigurement that can cause intense psychological distress, for which you can pursue non-economic damages.

Medical malpractice claims

Many physicians practice defensive medicine, which can make proving negligence difficult. A doctor’s error during a procedure or in making a prescription often requires a comprehensive investigation. Unfortunately, these claims are another set of personal injury case examples where people may have a bias in favor of the doctors. An experienced attorney can even the playing field.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips and falls lead to many serious injuries and even death, especially for seniors. If someone’s property was in dangerous condition and you suffered an accident, you may have a case.

However, the defense will likely argue that you assumed risk when entering the property. You will have to establish that the hazard was not open and obvious but prove that the property owner or lessee should have known about and corrected the situation at the same time.

Because the accident occurred on someone else’s property, you may have difficulty getting access to evidence.

Prompt action with the help of our firm can make a difference in this type of personal injury case.

Boating injuries

As with road vehicles, you could suffer traumatic brain injuries, burns, fractures, spinal cord injuries and contusions due to a boating accident. Nearly drowning can also cause lung and brain damage.

Another challenge is if you were engaging in water sports under the supervision of a recreational company and signed a waiver. Keep in mind that these are not absolute shields, and the company can still be liable for gross negligence, a disregard for safety or intentional misconduct. A free consultation with us can help you determine how to proceed with your case.

Workplace incidents

What do you do if you suffer an injury on the job that is not your employer’s fault and does not involve workers’ compensation? You can still bring a case against that third party. For example, if a customer attacked you or if a defective product caused your injuries, you likely have a personal injury claim.

The Maguire Law Firm Can Help With These Personal Injury Case Examples and More

Unfortunately, there are many other ways you might suffer an injury due to someone’s negligence or malice, and this list of personal injury case examples is not exhaustive. When that happens, you can still fight for fair compensation.

No matter your situation, contact us at the Maguire Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, SC, to discuss your case. We’re ready to help our neighbors fight for the justice they deserve.

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