How Much Can I Expect From a Car Accident Settlement?

When you have experienced a car accident, the farthest thing from your mind while figuring out how to get your car repaired and any injuries addressed is how to maximize your car accident settlement. The car accident attorneys at Maguire Law Firm do this all day, every day, and we are here to help maximize your recovery. 

Everyone’s accident and circumstances are different, and an attorney is needed to advise on your unique facts, with the following providing a general overview of what you might be able to pursue. 

Expecting a Certain Settlement Is Not How Car Accident Settlements Are Handled 

If asked how much one might like to receive after a car accident, a million dollars would be a great number to hear. After seeing all the car accident attorney billboards around town, you might think getting millions for your car accident is normal, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you were one of the many near-to-fatal head injury car accident victims reported by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you might be entitled to quite a bit, including lost earnings for the remainder of your life if you cannot return to work. If you’ve had a minor fender bender, hundreds of dollars may be more likely than millions.

Determining the Extent of Your Damages Can Be Complex 

Your damages that can be recovered from other parties will depend upon the fault of the other parties, how many parties were involved, and your own actions. Under the South Carolina Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act, it is clarified that there may be many defendants in a particular case, and their level of liability is determined by their proportion of fault, insofar as the parties were only negligent. If a party has engaged in an unlawful act, the level of liability is also impacted; for example, if the opposing party was making an illegal lane change while speeding, their level of contribution may be increased. 

Meet With Us to Discuss Your Case! 

Aligning the assistance of an attorney can be of substantial value in maximizing your recovery for the car accident. Experienced car accident attorneys are standing by Contact us today! 


Is every car accident settlement the same? 

The facts and circumstances of each accident make it unique. 

How do I know what my settlement amount should be? 

It can be difficult to learn what a proper settlement amount should be given the many factors related to your situation. 

When should I contact an attorney for help on my car accident settlement? 

Working with an experienced car accident attorney who knows what the settlement should be and how the process of getting it works will help maximize your settlement.

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