Negligent Security Settlements: Here’s What to Expect

If you’ve been the victim of a crime due to a negligent security situation, you may be entitled to damages to make you whole. A lawyer like Maguire Law Firm can help determine if or how the business at which you were victimized is liable and assist you throughout the process of collecting your damages and being made whole. Call our Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers today to see how we can assist you.

When You Have Experienced Crime Due to Poor Security, You May Be Entitled to Damages 

Negligent security incidents can not only leave you shaken, but you may also have experienced significant damages within the context of the event. A negligent security case arises when you have been the victim of criminal activity, and the owner of the premises may be partially to blame due to a lack of security measures being in place on the property. Under South Carolina law, as published by the South Carolina Courts, as an invitee to a business, you are owed the highest degree of duty from the business owner. Whether you are renting a property or entering a business, you are an invitee, and this higher duty of care is something to which you are entitled. 

More Than One Party Can Be at Fault for Your Negligent Security Damages 

Knowing who is at fault is also central to your pursuit of damages from the parties involved. In South Carolina, multiple individuals may be responsible for an injury under the Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act. What this means is that more than one party can be liable to you for your damages, in different proportions depending upon their level of fault. If you were at a business, for example, a customer in a grocery store, and you experienced an armed robbery and were harmed because the store was known for poor security, the store and thief may be liable. 

Understanding liability and the theory of contribution is difficult, and law students spend quite a bit of time learning about it before practicing in the professional world. An experienced and well-informed attorney can help you process your premises liability claim to achieve the maximum recovery, regardless of which parties it is recovered from. 

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Maximize your Settlement! 

The circumstances surrounding a negligent security issue can be very complex and varied, with the facts of your unique situation determining what your paths to recovery are. To learn what your options are, speaking with an attorney experienced in negligent security cases is helpful. Schedule a meeting now to explore your case. 


What is a negligent security lawsuit? 

When you suffer a criminal act due to a lack of security on behalf of a property owner, you may have a negligent security lawsuit. 

Who is liable for the damages in a negligent security lawsuit? 

The parties who breached a duty to you are liable, whether a business owner with inadequate security or the wrongful actor. 

How can an attorney help? 

An attorney understands the duties owed to different types of visitors of a property and can help identify the appropriate parties that may be liable.

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