Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claims: Do’s and Don’t’s

If you’ve experienced an injury on the job, it is important to consult with an attorney like Maguire Law Firm to ensure that you are capable of collecting for your injuries and related damages. Employers may encourage you to admit fault or contribution to the issue, and without an attorney at your back, mistakes can be made. Following is an overview of do’s and don’ts to help give you a broad overview, and contact a Myrtle Beach workers’ compensation lawyer today for advice. 

Don’t Admit Fault Without First Speaking to an Attorney 

If you’ve been injured on the job, do not make any statements to management or the company’s attorneys without first consulting with your own. While you may be inclined to settle quickly and move on with your life without first consulting with your own attorney, you may be providing a solution that makes your employer very happy, to your detriment. Employers have a strong level of responsibility in terms of maintaining the health and safety of the workplace, as detailed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Admitting fault early may deny you the opportunity to pursue a potential third-party claim. To determine if you may have a potential third-party claim in addition to your worker’s compensation claim, consult with an attorney at Maguire Law Firm.

Do Know the Legal and Medical Definitions of Your Injuries Before Settling 

Settling your workers’ compensation claim denies you the ability to pursue further damages in the future. Some injuries in the workplace may take quite a bit of time to reveal themselves. The CDC notes that workplace injuries can be caused by a broad variety of contributing factors, whether accidental or intentional. Accidental injuries might include slip and falls. Knowing how you were injured and what your injuries entail is central to achieving a proper recovery. Consulting with a medical professional to determine the definition and extent of your injuries is essential to ensuring that you are capable of recovering fully upon your damages. 

Short-term pain can manifest into long-term injury, which can have far-reaching implications for your life. Both professional medical assessments and professional advice from an attorney are commended for ensuring that you make the most of your workers’ compensation claim. 

Set an Appointment With Maguire Law Now! 

Knowing what your damages are and the legal implications surrounding them is central to achieving success in your case. To connect with a lawyer for your case, schedule a meeting today, and hire Maguire! 

Workers’ Compensation Claim Settlement FAQ 

Who are you settling with at the start? 

Generally, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Is the insurance company looking out for your best interests? 

Insurance companies profit by maximizing premium collections and minimizing payouts to injured parties. 

When should I consult with an attorney? 

As soon as possible after the accident, and also seek out medical attention immediately to address your injuries. 

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