Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

You’re in a car crash. It’s not your fault.

There are damages, and you need compensation. You start to wonder if you need a lawyer.

Do you need a lawyer for a car accident that isn’t your fault?

The answer is – definitely, yes! You should have a lawyer for a car accident even if it wasn’t your fault – especially if it wasn’t your fault!

When you’re the victim of the car accident in South Carolina, you’re the one that deserves compensation. You have rights. However, pursuing your rights in the best way possible isn’t always easy.

Even when the car accident isn’t your fault, the claims process is still an adversarial proceeding. The insurance company and the party responsible for the accident are only going to pay you what you can prove you deserve. A lawyer ensures that your rights are represented fairly. They make sure that you pursue your claim knowing your rights and following the required procedures to get results.

Lawyers for Car Accidents that Aren’t Your Fault

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer If a Car Accident Isn’t My Fault?

Even when a car accident isn’t your fault, the claims process can be harrowing. It’s still up to you to bring your claim and prove your case. The insurance company wants to minimize your compensation. A lawyer can help you with the many things that are important for a car accident victim to truly receive justice.

Here are seven reasons that you need a car accident lawyer even if the accident isn’t your fault:

1. Easing confusion

The insurance company representative may seem nice, but ultimately, they don’t represent you. It can be hard to know how to file your claim, how to gather proof of damages and what amount to ask for. You don’t have anyone to tell you what your rights and options are.

When you have a lawyer, you have a guide. They are someone that you can ask questions to and someone who can advocate for your interests. You don’t have to be confused or wonder if you’re doing the right thing when you have a lawyer representing your interests.

2. Taking the steps for compensation

When the accident isn’t your fault, you deserve justice. It’s not just a matter of the responsible party receiving a traffic ticket. You may claim compensation for your injuries.

Having a lawyer represent you means having a professional assist you in getting this compensation. You have someone to fight the insurance company, file legal documents and take all the necessary steps to ensure that you get fair treatment following the accident.

3. Knowledge of legal procedures and evidence rules

If your case goes to court, you’re treated the same as if you had a lawyer.

They expect you to know the rules of procedure including how to file and respond to legal pleadings. They hold you to the same standards for admission of evidence.

Without knowing these rules thoroughly, it’s difficult to present the case. A lawyer knows legal procedures and evidence rules. They can use them to present your case, and they can also reference them to prevent the defense from trying to offer objectionable evidence.

4. Responding to allegations of fault

Not being at fault for the accident doesn’t mean that the other side isn’t going to claim that you’re at fault. It’s a common defense to a car accident claim.

They may say that you played some role in the accident. Even if it’s ridiculous, you must respond in the right way. A lawyer knows how to respond to allegations effectively to prevent them from hurting your case.

5. Evaluating multiple defendants and shared fault

Fault may be shared among multiple defendants. It may be the vehicle driver and their employer. Maybe there are two drivers in multiple vehicles. A vehicle defect may have played a role in the crash. Sorting out how to get compensated when there are multiple defendants and blame to go around can be difficult.

There may also be multiple insurance companies each trying to brush off the case on the next one. A lawyer knows how to evaluate all the legal issues.

They chart a course through the confusion to hold the responsible parties accountable for fair compensation.

6. Identifying the true value of the case

A common way that insurance companies minimize damages is by omission – they hope that you don’t know the true value of your case. Car accident compensation goes far beyond vehicle repairs and a single doctor’s visit. You may claim a range of damages like lost wages and income, future medical bills, pain and suffering, mental health injuries and other damages.

An experienced lawyer knows the categories of compensation available in the law. They know how to evaluate your claim and how to value each applicable category. They ensure that you don’t settle for too little.

7. You have only one chance to bring your case

When it comes to pursuing your rights after a car accident, you get only one chance. There’s no do-over if you have regrets later about not having a lawyer. Your lawyer looks at the big picture and legal technicalities that must be followed to get results. In addition, they can push the case forward efficiently so that you can get results as quickly as possible.

Consultation for a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

Are you wondering if you should get a car accident lawyer? At Maguire Law Firm, we dutifully represent car accident victims. We invite you to meet with us to see how we can help you with your car accident claim. There’s no obligation, and we invite you to ask questions about our representation and your case.

You’re already the victim of a car accident. Don’t become a victim of settling for less than you deserve, too. Talk to the Maguire Law Firm today.

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