When Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

The decision to hire a lawyer can be a very difficult one, but if you’ve had an injury, our Myrtle Beach workers’ comp attorneys at Maguire Law Firm can be extremely helpful in not only supporting you during the process of recovering damages but also ensuring that you make the most of them. An experienced employment attorney knows what your options are and how to position your case for success.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney If You Have Experienced Injury on the Job

The time to hire an attorney if you have experienced an injury on the job is right away. Your employer is obligated under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the final “final rule,” which requires that employers proactively establish systems to prevent injury and illness on the job.

If you have been injured on the job, your employer is aware of this obligation, and evidence of the cause of your harm may not remain in place as long as it takes you to get around to collecting it. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney at the beginning helps to preserve evidence and ensure that the information available to you in assembling your case is both accurate and valuable to your cause.

Don’t Settle Without Consulting With Medical and Legal Professionals

Injury on the job can have lasting effects on both your health and your earning capacity. The role of liability in terms of the injury will also be impactful upon your case’s outcome. According to the CDC, injuries in the workplace may be accidental or intentional.

When there was a safety issue in place that the employer knew about but did not correct, the cause of injury may be more intentional than accidental, which can increase the liability of the employer and expand the damages that might be available to you. Knowing what damages are available is essential before signing a settlement offer, as present pain could lead to future disability, which impacts your ability to work and earn in the future.

The South Carolina Workers’ Comp Lawyers at Maguire Law Can Help

Connecting as soon as possible with an attorney on your workers’ compensation claim is the best way to maximize your outcome. Connect with one of our attorneys and visit our site to contact us today.

Workers’ Comp Case FAQs

How can a workers’ compensation attorney help me?

An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to recognize damages and assign liability to maximize your return.

Will I lose if I might be partially at fault?

Fault can be divided into cases of workplace injury, and employers have a high duty of care to the employee to keep the workplace safe and free of injury and illness.

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